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Watching 4th tier English soccer playoffs

AFC Wimbledon are a club that were created by fans over a decade ago. Born when their original team moved to another town (Milton Keynes) the team entered the football pyramid at the 9th level. Now they’re in the playoffs with a shot to reach the 3rd tier. All within the 21st century.

Not bad.

I am not a huge promotion/relegation fan in the U.S., mostly because I can’t picture how it would work. Perhaps if we got rid of college teams or somehow merged them into the pyramid, I’d be more of an advocate. Our college (and to a way lesser extent, high school) teams have the local fan support of English teams drawing massive fans for games that don’t really mean that much in the grand scheme of things.


Still, you have to appreciate a setup where teams from the literal bottom of the barrel can ascend to the top league if they just keep winning.

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