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Bringing back the national pasttime

The average age of a baseball fan watching a telecast is 54 years old, only golf is older. Why? Unlike say, hockey, baseball is pretty universal. Three strikes and you're out, knowing what a baseball pitcher does and what a glove is used for are pretty universal.


Why is the sport's interest declining amongst kids? Well for starters, it's boring. The game is slow and faces a similar problem that cricket faced amongst its own youngsters before Twenty20 cricket showed up on the scene and gave the game new life.

T20 as it's called is a shorter version of the sport that ironically is referred to by many old timers as the "baseballization of cricket" due to its emphasis on big hits, flashy jerseys and a successful major league in India featuring players from around the world called the India Premier League.

Meanwhile, in Finland they've been playing their own version of baseball for almost 100 years that only barely resembles the kind we know here in the states. Why does this matter? Because Pesapallo is a sport that has undergone some dramatic changes itself to stay relevant in a country where the stakes are a lot lower.


What's the point?

Major League Baseball needs an upstart challenger a la The XFL to spice up the game and make it more interesting for younger fans. Whether it's an arena-style game that features more home runs, a shorter 5-inning version of the major league game or bringing the fences in and adding more hitters to teams; there are ways we can make baseball better.

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