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AFC Wimbledon wins promotion to League One

AFC Wimbledon’s rise

A 9th division team has been promoted 9 times in 14 years to reach League One next season. The only reason AFC Wimbledon exists is the original Wimbledon club was allowed to move about 75 miles away to a suburb that didn’t have a league football club and renamed MK Dons. (Dons being the nickname of the Wimbledon team.)

These moves are super rare in British football, unlike here in the States, so people were horrified by it.


Long story short, a group of fans funded a new team called AFC Wimbledon to replace their old one, but they had to start near the bottom...in a 9th division league.

After winning the League 2 playoff final today and on account of MK Dons being relegated from the Championship, the two teams will meet in League One next year.

What a turn of events.

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